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What if I don't feel very brave? | Get Your Brave On with Girl Club

Bravery isn't something you inherit in your DNA, bravery is a habit you practice. WOW!!! This got personal. In SUCH a great way. I'm honored to have been able to share my story of overcoming with Cynthia Garret's Girl Club live podcast!

We talked about:

  • how to build your life back after you face a plot twist

  • why we all LOVE butterflies and the analogy to our faith.

  • When you don't feel brave, and you're lost you need to find your why

  • How to choose to be 1% more brave every day!

I know you will LOVE this! It's easier to be brave when you have a tribe of amazing women around you like this. Watch and join the tribe! #BraveBabes let's go!

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