See You at The Bottom, Mandy

Life's biggest moments typically come follow the most stressful ones.

I remember when I was a little girl and my Dad declared I was ready to ski my first black diamond run. We were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where I learned to ski at 4 years old.

I knew that meant a trip up the Tram, a long intimidating ride for a little girl like me surrounded by big tall male expert skiers. I remember them all smiling at me, encouraging me, and saying "atta girl" when I got on board.

I've always been an athletic kid, and combine that with an Eagle Scout Dad that didn't have any get a really strong woman. Sometimes he would push me out of my comfort zone. I think that is his life's mission.

I remember putting my skis on, and starting down at the tip of them while at the top of an extremely steep slope with a few almost frozen tears on my eyes whining to my father, DAD I CAN'T DO THIS. I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS. PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS.

He did the unthinkable and just skied down yelling back up at me, "SEE YOU AT THE BOTTOM, Mandy!".

There I stood - cold, scared, and mad with a rush of butterflies in my stomach pondering how long he would wait, or wondering if I could walk down? The only way was down. So I pushed off my ski poles and conquered that black diamond mogul run. I fell about 15 times, but I kept getting up and by the time I got to the bottom of the slope, that adrenaline rush charging through my body (still a little pissed off) I said,

"Daddy can we do that again?"

That is one of my life defining moments where I learned the joy of pushing through fear and living an adventurous life anyway. That's what God wants for you and I. He wants his daughters to be brave, tackle the obstacles in our way trusting that He will be with us. He wants us to enjoy the adventurous life HE gave us.

What is that steep slope you are standing on top of looking down doubting whether or not you can conquer it? Imagine your loving father at the base of that slope, arms open wide and waiting for you to just push off. Yeah you might fall a few times, but that's the adventure. That's the lesson. Be Brave. Fall. Get Up. Trust. Do it again.

"See you at the bottom, Mandy" Life is knocking... will you answer the door?

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