ONE thing to do NOW to Feel Better

No one is talking about Kobe Bryant's net worth. It's because he left more than an inheritance, he left a legacy.

We are all hurting still reeling after the death of Kobe Bryant. There is one thing you can do today to feel stronger, better, and more courageous. Experts say the best thing you can do when you are feeling down, is to go help someone else that's worse off than you. The more I learn about the husband and father Kobe was, the more I heartbroken I become. It makes you think about the way you live your life. Am I working to leave an inheritance to my children, or am I working to leave a legacy in my name? I have changed one habit already because of Kobe Bryant. If he can purchase a helicopter and take it from practice to home so he can avoid traffic and get home in time to pick up his kids from school, then I can get over my fear of judgement and instead of sending my kids out the door to walk to school alone, I will walk with them... messy bun, no makeup, and sometimes slippers. They don't care what my hair looks like, but they will feel love, and remember that I was there. Those moments are the difference between leaving an inheritance that will be used up, and creating a legacy that lasts. So Get Your Brave On today...make ONE decision to creating the legacy that you want to be remembered for. We all have people in our circles at work, home, our neighborhoods that we can influence, and help. Create tangible and accomplishable tasks that can bring hope right where you are.

Getting Your Brave On isn't something that happens all of a sudden like in a Super Hero movie. Getting Your Brave On is making one decision every day. One brave decision is contagious. When you take one brave step and it turns out okay, it makes it easier to take the next one tomorrow.

If you need an idea of how to start leaving a legacy, I got you! Take a brave step and leave a legacy, by partnering with my friends Convoy of Hope. They empower others to live with greater independence and freedom from poverty, disease, and hunger. Get Your Brave On and partner with them and know every day you are establishing a legacy in your name.

We don't have the bank accounts that Kobe Bryant has to leave a massive inheritance. Notice, no one is talking about his net worth.

Need a daily reminder to be brave? I am LOVING this new Brave On Bracelet Literally "Get Your Brave On" every time you place this beautiful statement bracelet around your wrist. Imagine the confidence you feel when you get your "BRAVE" bracelet on for that big job interview, when you ask your boss for a raise, or want to feel like a strong goddess on that first date. (oh wait, that just got personal!) Sometimes you just need a physical reminder what your goal is. You will see it every time you look in the mirror! Love, ac

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