Get Dressed & Get Moving with Emily Vavra

What are we supposed to do now? You are stuck inside during the Coronavirus Pandemic. How do you stay motivated and stave off feelings of depression? Maybe, you can look at this time as an opportunity. I found the perfect person to help us! You will LOVE HER!

Don't let this happen to you! It is an absolute challenge, I know. I am working from a home studio, homeschooling 3 kids, and trying to maintain my workout schedule. I admit I was failing. So, I called in an expert. She will help you stop living in fear and be able to move forward.

Emily Vavra is an entrepreneur who had a dream and went for it. This LA-based wellness leader and speaker continues to pave the way for others as one of the top network marketing professionals. Since 2011, Emily has helped thousands of other entrepreneurs in building their own health, wealth, and financial freedom. Emily is Yahoo's top 10 Entrepreneurs to follow in 2020 and is my guest on the Get Your Brave On Podcast to help you navigate this crisis, and come out glowing at the end.

I love how she answered the question: What good can come out of this?

"You can either be broken from it, or you can be broken open. You can learn things and change things...maybe in the silence of the world shutting down, finally you're going to discover something that you need to break through. -Emily Vavra

Oh my friend this podcast is SO MUCH MORE than practical tips, this is a lifestyle change that has been forced upon us and Emily is the perfect person to give us the right perspective. So, sit back, put your Airpods in, and give yourself a 20 minute break from the news...and begin to make your vision for the next phase of life as we know it.



P.S. You must follow her Insta!

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