Faith, Family, & Football

How NFL Wife, Tamela Davis, chose BRAVERY through her Child's Cancer.

"It's Cancer." Imagine hearing that diagnosis, not for you, for your daughter.

As Super Bowl kickoff approaches, Tamela Davis, wife of NFL Saints’ linebacker Demario Davis, will FEED YOUR SOUL with perspective on football, faith and what it looks like to be a champion in life.

New Podcast Episode!

You will be inspired to hear Tamela's story of surrendering to God when her daughter was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer at 10-months old. This podcast is FULL of inspiration to #GetYourBraveOn.

Tamela also talks about her husband, Demario, who is receiving the esteemed Bart Starr Award this weekend for his faith and community leadership. She says just like an athlete warms up for a game, he also has a "Spiritual Warmup" for his day.

We also spoke about her recent piece for The Christian Post: Shifting the Narrative of Masculinity. She describes real masculinity NOT as status, wealth, and power, but about leadership; how you serve, lead, and show up for your family and community.

This interview is a treasure trove of spiritual inspiration. Enjoy!

For more from Tamela Davis check out her website: "The F Word"

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