Expect Your Christmas Miracle

Real life Christmas miracles are not just in hallmark movies. Don’t give up on expecting something special this year. It's quite possibly right around the corner for you. IF you do this.

The truth is if you expect calamity, that's what will happen. If you expect a miracle, that is what you will experience.

"Be very careful how you think, because your thoughts run your life." -Proverbs 4:23

Christmas is the time of miracles. What if instead of expecting things to be difficult, you expected a miracle! Tell others, tell yourself, tell God that your miracle is right around the corner. Christmas is the time we believe in magic, and we celebrate love.

That same power that "came upon Mary" to bring Jesus to the world is available to you as well, to bring new life. Whatever "new" you need in your life, instead of dreading and telling others it will never happen to you. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS. Start thinking it's just around the corner.

A year ago I was driving a broken down, no good, messed up Minivan. It was 10 years old and I exhausted from carting around 3 kids in carseats for a decade. I needed something new, but didn't necessarily want a new car payment. I was afraid. I'd never bought a car on my own. It was leftover from my first marriage. I rationalized keeping it because in my mind I had a limited view of what I could accomplish as a single mother. NOPE.

Something changed. I decided to test out what it says in Proverbs about "your thoughts provoking your life" I pretended we were driving a new car. We'd get it the old mamavan and I'd say, "hey kids isn't this new car so nice, wow it smells so good." When really it smelled like dirty gym socks. I'd say... "wow listen to this awesome sound system!" When the radio didn't actually work. I'd say... "isn't it so cool in this car?!" When the air conditioning was out.

Four months of that and the minivan died, I asked God to guide me and I got an amazing deal on a fun little used Mercedes. IT WORKS!

Doubting it could happen to you? Don’t forget who you belong to! You are God's child, He calls you His beloved. That same power that God used to heal the blind, part the red sea, and even give Mary a baby to save the world.

Join me this Christmas and please be done expecting calamity around every corner in 2020. I’m ready to move forward in hope… a confident expectation of good things from God for 2021. Expect your Christmas miracle. I know what I'm talking to God about. I'm expecting great love. You? Love, ac

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