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Brave Motherhood: 10 Lessons from a Single Mom that Every Mom Needs to Know | Sara Beth Part 2

You NEED this! Wherever you are on your motherhood journey, THIS will help you become the mother you've always wanted to be! It did for me!

Highlights in this episode:

1. 6:35 Teach your son how to treat a woman and teach your daughter what is acceptable behavior from her partner.

2. 8:35 Teach them how to solve their own problems.

Acknowledge that their lives aren't yours to control. This is their human experience that they are creating.

3. 10:54 Protect them from Harm but not Life Experience We want so badly to give them that wisdom so they don't have to walk the same path of fire so they don't have to walk...but that's not our job.

4. 16:14 Let them practice critical thinking and problem solving

5. 17:06 Teach them how to do things for themselves. Laundry, Calendars, Lunches, everything!

6. 18:20 Hardship builds character

"when they tell me something is hard, I say good it's supposed to be hard, it teaches you how to work hard."

7. 24:17 Heal yourself. You Have to put yourself first

"you are useless to your children if you are not taking care of yourself."

8. 30:40 Make a commitment to your kids that no matter what they come to you with you will not judge them.

9. 35:40 Let them Feel Heard, Understood, and Respected

"I let them love me and support me through my times of vulnerability so when they need support during their times of their vulnerability they know I'm going to be there for them too."

10. 44:53 Let Them Make Mistakes. We have to let them see that we make mistakes. It's okay to be sorry.

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