Brave Lesson: Converting Coronavirus Concerns

The secret to moving forward as a country may be to look back at our past. A frequent tactic used by therapists to help their clients is to encourage them to journal. This process is a healthy way to deal with emotional distress, it also begins a record of what someday you can look back on. It's evidence of healing.

Today remember the historical evidence of America recovering from crisis. We unified after 9-11, we rebounded after the Vietnam War. We will get through this too. Right now as a country we are writing the journal of history. I want my Grandchildren to learn about the historic brave actions of Americans like you and I. Let's fill up the pages of history with bravery.

I had the honor of speaking about fear with Bayside Church pastors, Efrem Smith, and Curt Harlow. We spoke about how they are getting their brave on and finding away to make sure we all get to experience worship from home, and they have a special message for you on how to move forward. I am so happy they agreed to allow me to turn our conversation into a podcast. Please listen and share with friends who may be struggling with fear today.

I love the reminder from Pastor Curt Harlow during this podcast that this did NOT surprise God. He said, "there were no emergency press conferences today in heaven." Good point. Listen to the full interview on iTunes or below.



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