Brave Lesson 3: Mindset Mastery

(PLUS my special PODCAST on How to Survive Valentine's Day like a BOSS).

Your thoughts run your life. Be careful what you think.

One of the secrets to practicing bravery in the beginning of this journey is going to be your ability to control your mind, and your mouth. If you expect calamity around every corner, it will smack you in the face with every turn. If the first thing out of your mouth to everyone you run into is how badly your day is going, then expect to get a call from the school nurse that your kid is throwing up at school in the middle of an important meeting, and get pulled over by the police on your way.

If you have completed Brave Lesson 2: Circle a Date, you are ready from Brave Lesson 3. Get Your Brave On today with Mindset Mastery.

Now that you circled the date on the calendar, chose what you want to happen by that day, let's practice Mindset Mastery every day and imagine what it WILL feel like when you accomplish your goal on that day.

Once you master your mindset you will be unstoppable. One of my best friend's, Aryn, has taught me this. She's also my extremely talented hair stylist. I remember sitting in her chair ready to fall apart after losing my job and my fiance in the same week. When I would start to complain or be negative about my future she would stop me immediately, saying, "Don't you put that out there! We bind that thought in the name of Jesus!" She'd even make me replace that negative thought with a positive declaration of good things from God. She sent me endless YouTube videos to watch to stay on track, and I decided to try it out, I mean what could hurt, things couldn't get any worse.

My kids will tell you that for about 6 months we were "driving a new Lincoln Navigator". It was actually my piece of crap mamavan that was about a year overdue from being turned into the dump. She was a maroon Honda Odyssey with almost 200,000 miles that survived 3 kids in carseats, a cross country move, and trips to Tahoe with 4 bikes crammed in the back. The mamavan had no air conditioning, no power steering, and no working radio (ironic since I'm on the radio for a living). She was paid for though, and as a single self employed mom I hung on as long as I could. Try rolling up on a date as a single mom in a minivan...oh yeah. Hey in your 40's it's hot to no car payment, right?

I'd get in the car, sweating from a 107 degree Sacramento day, struggle to pull out of a parking spot, and say, "hey Sunshines isn't this new Lincoln Navigator so comfortable...I mean we are in the lap of luxury! Oh this cool air feels soooooo good. They would play along with me and say, "yeah mom we looooove these cooled seats, and the radio sounds sooo good!" I was manifesting a new car with my mindset. It worked! We aren't driving a new Lincoln Navigator, but the mamvan car died it's final death on New Year's Eve 2019, I drove into a new decade in a reasonable used Mercedes thanks to family discount at Carmax. BOOM.

We manifested a new car. What could you manifest? Get Your Brave On every morning with a short exercise I call, "Mindset Mastery". Before you start your day, sit down in the peace and quiet, and refuse to get up until you are experiencing the emotion of having the life that you dream of. Imagine yourself sitting in the office of your dream job. What does it smell like? Imagine what it feels like to loved unconditionally in your dream relationship. Do you feel the butterflies? Imagine how the sand feels between your toes when you are on vacation with your family. Or image the stress free life and fulfillment when you become out of debt, and you are able to lend to those in need instead of borrow.

You could even say a prayer thanking God that he is making a way for you to be successful and accomplish your dreams, that He is bringing you great love, and thank Him for providing more than enough for your family. When you start to smile, feel that emotion like you are living your dream life, your'e ready to get up and start your day.

Throughout your day continue your mindset mastery by refusing to complain or think negative thoughts. As soon as one pops up like "you're never going to accomplish that are you crazy?" You think. NOPE. "My thoughts run my life, so I choose to believe it's already done." It also helps to surround yourself with other Get Your Brave On believers that are practicing Mindset Mastery too. If you need a good haircut and swift kick in the pants to stay positive, message me and I'll hook you up with Aryn.

Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life - Proverbs 4:23

I'm telling you it works. Even if you don't have your date circled on the calendar yet, because you aren't yet sure what you're getting your brave on to do, this will help! For the one month I was unemployed and newly UN-engaged. I had NOTHING else to do but sit, pray, and practice my Mindset Mastery. I had just lost all most of my furniture, my bed, the toaster, he even took the dang toilet paper holder. During that month, I came up with THIS idea. To blow up my old website and start again. I mean my whole life had blown up, so why not my website too. I deleted 10 years of blogs and began fresh. It was about time. My dream is to inspire and equip you to reach yours.

OHHH! And as promised this will help you practice that Mindset Mastery for Valentine's Day no matter what your relationship status is!

Much love,


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