Brave Lesson 1: Be the Best You

Two things we can all learn from NFL Super Bowl Champ, Patrick Mahomes:

When asked how it felt to be the new face of the NFL after winning the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes immediately deflected the accolades for himself, naming teammates and other players he respects, then he said,

"I'm just trying to be the best Patrick Mahomes I can be."

This is our first lesson in bravery. You take responsibility for your own actions, but don't accept accolades selfishly.

I'm learning most of these lessons the hard way. I have not been a just single mom for 9 years. I've been a mother, living alone with 3 children, receiving the help from an amazing tribe of family, friends, and yes even now my ex-husband. They make me brave. They have picked up my kids from practices for me, brought me flowers when I was down, and even fixed a few things around the house. I have not done this alone. It was wrong of me in the past to imply that I was "on my own" or a "solo parent", it's not the truth.

1. Getting Your Brave On Begins with You

Every day bravery happens when we make decisions to be the best we can. Patrick Mahomes was the one that set his goal to become a professional football player. Patrick Mahomes was the one that daily decided to practice, workout, and show up for his team. The secret to accomplishing things in life instead of just dreaming about them is choosing to be the best version of you daily. You work on you boo!

You show up at the gym when you really don't want to. You decide to finish that work project well instead of being mediocre. You are the one that decides to go to bed early so you can wake up rested for the next day instead of binge watching The Crown on Netflix while having a glass of wine. Whoops that got a little personal.

I'm learning to say "no" to more social events on my calendar when I know they would be a distraction, and I really just need rest. I'm also learning to only say "yes" to helping a person or organization only if I know I absolutely can follow through. Being strong and courageous means not letting people down.

I've heard the biggest weapon the enemy uses against us is distraction. Boy is he good at wielding that weapon around me. He tempts me with fun, lunch with friends, or a party to go to instead when I know what I should be doing is building my brand, writing my book, and spending time with God

I'm getting my brave on today, but staying focused, making a schedule and sticking to it, and now allowing the enemy of distraction derail me from accomplishing my goals. Patrick Mahomes probably never skipped practice for a lunch date. If he had, he wouldn't have that Super Bowl ring on! We need to have the same focus on our goals. Every day is one more step forward to achieving them, don't let a setback or a distraction stop you. Stand firm. When you are tempted that's a big blinking red light on your life to say STOP, don't give in, you must be doing something right.

2. Building Community Helps Get Your Brave On

Mahomes didn't win the Super Bowl by himself. I love it that he didn't take credit for it either. We can't face our lives bravely by ourselves either. One secret to Get Your Brave On today, could be relying on someone else's support. I have had many a tearful phone calls to family and friends asking them to pray, to say something to get me to not quit, and to ask for much needed advice on what to do.

We need a community of brave people refusing to let each other quit, and keeping each other accountable. That's my challenge as a single woman. There's no one at home in the evening to say "honey maybe you should go to bed instead of stay up late with that glass of wine", I have to have a community around me that is checking up on me.

One thing I'm very excited about with this new website is the community aspect that I'm building. This isn't just me spewing advice, this is all of us together. Check out the forum page and place your encouragement, your need for prayer, and please share how you Get Your Brave On. It's contagious. So go Get Your Brave On, so you can inspire someone else.

Love, ac

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