Brave Challenge: Make Quarantine Valuable Time

Call it reinvition. Everyone I talk to lately is astounded about how surreal life is today. Using words like “pre-pandemic” my life was like this. Now just going to the grocery store to get food for our families for the week feels like you’re exposing yourself to the front lines of a battlefield. So how do we have the right mindset during this time?

Stop focusing on the fear of the battlefield. Focus on the promise of the future. This will end. We will come out of this. It reminds me about the story of the butterfly. We all learned in school how they are created. A lowly caterpillar crawling in the dirt has this instinct to create a cocoon, hibernate inside that cocoon and emerge as a new creation. Right now it feels like we are in that cocoon, hibernating, and figuring out a way to transform our existence.

We are taking our old life that we knew and finding a way to transform into a new way of living. I’m fascinated with the story of the butterfly because it’s the only being I can think of that has such a radical transformation. The key to remember is that the transformation is made possible BECAUSE of it’s time in the cocoon. Doesn’t that feel like we are in that cocoon right now? We have to find a way to continue to stay home, yet transform for this new world when we will overcome covid-19. Because we will. History proves it. We will also be completely changed because of this.

I don’t feel like my life will ever go back to the way it was. As a busy mother of 3 focusing on raising super human sunshines, instead I think I will be focused on them being more compassionate human beings. I don't want to be so busy again that we won't have time together. I've noticed their relationships together growing as siblings, forming an impenetrable bond with the absence of their social circles from school.

The other thing about the caterpillar’s immersion from the cocoon as a butterfly is the struggle. We don’t think about what it takes after the transformation is complete inside the cocoon to get out. Science proves that that new creation has to wiggle and struggle it’s way out, and if anyone comes along to help, and opens it up to free them, they don’t have the strength to fly.

It’s the struggle out of the cocoon that gives the butterfly the strength to fly. The brave challenge for you today is to use this time in the cocoon to reinvent your life, your families, your businesses, and maybe even yourself. It's time to become a new creation. This is NOT wasted time. Choose to see this time as valuable. You are building the strength to fly. Fly baby fly!



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