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#72 When Life is Falling Apart | 6 Ways to Put it Back Together Again with Michele Cushatt

Are you struggling to keep it together when life seems to be falling apart? Join us on episode #72 of "Get Your Brave On" as we welcome special guest Michele Cushatt. Michele is a cancer survivor, and was a single mom. She get's us! She is now an acclaimed speaker and author of the book "A Faith that Will Not Fail: 10 Practices to Build Up Your Faith, When Your World is Falling Apart."

In this episode, Michele shares her own journey of overcoming fear and finding inner strength and resilience when life threw her into chaos. She discusses the powerful strategies that helped her put her life back together again.

You'll walk away from this episode feeling inspired and empowered to face whatever life throws your way with courage and confidence. Get ready to put your life back together again. Don't miss out on this transformative conversation! Highlights in this episode:

6 Ways to Reframe Your Plot Twist

  1. [14:52] Practice of Lament

  2. [15:26] Acknowledge

  3. [16:20] Journal

  4. [16:51] Therapy

  5. [18:30] Name the Things You've Lost & Burn that List

  6. [27:36] Build Something New

  7. [34:49] Start Dreaming Again

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