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#71 Sex. with Sheila Gregoire | The Brave Woman Challenging Evangelical Teachings on Sex & Marriage

Sex. Sex. Sex. Do I have your attention yet? :-) If you grew up in the evangelical church and remember the "True Love Waits" movement. If you were taught "Love & Respect" was the way to approach Christian marriage, you need this podcast. It's likely you have a lot of hurt, and this will begin your healing. No, you're not crazy.

Author, Speaker, & Podcaster, Sheila Gregoire, did the research and shares what is the state of sex & marriage of evangelicals according to the numbers, and how we can make it better.

Highlights in this Episode:

[4:50] The major problems with "Love & Respect", the #1 conference for marriage within evangelical circles

[12:55] The statistcal proof that the idea of men making the final decision in the family causes your divorce rate to increase by 7 TIMES.

[19:39] Are Christian marriages statiscally better?

[25:06] Why the "Billy Graham Rule" damages women in the church

[30:05] The bogus 90% statistic that is fake that churches are using to market to men and driving women away

[38:10] Should we still wait to have sex until marriage?

How to Connect

Sheila Gregoire

Amanda Carroll

How has God used this podcast in your life? Please share it with me! CALL MY HOTLINE! I will pickup! 530-4-AMANDA

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