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#58 CPR | 3 Ways How to Use CPR to Save Your Life & Your Soul

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

We’ve all been there—that moment when life throws us a curveball and we feel overwhelmed, scared and uncertain of what the future holds. It can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel in those dark moments, but there is hope. By using a method known as “CPR”, you can prepare yourself for any scary thing that comes your way in the future.

What is CPR? (other than the chest compression kind)

CPR stands for Context, Purpose and Result and it is essentially a 3-step approach to problem solving that can help you work through any challenge or obstacle you may encounter. This is fantastic NEW strategy to silence fear.

Here is how it works. Get out your journal, and write own the letters vertically on the page:




Now work backwards. You are facing something that is making you feel afraid. Instead of avoiding it, let's plan together how you can get the outcome you want.

  1. Ask yourself what is the RESULT that you want? Write it down and be as descriptive as you can. What is the emotion that you want to feel?

  2. Identify your PURPOSE in this situation? Write down what success looks like for you. This will keep you focused even though you are feeling afraid.

  3. Understand the Context. Take a step back to gain perspective. Imagine your are a viewer in a movie... what are you seeing? Ask yourself why this situation is happening. Has this been brewing or did it come out of nowhere? What caused it? Undetrstanding the context will give you an idea of where things are heading.

The RESULT is the most important part. This takes your mind away from the fear of "what if" and puts your mind in control of the outcome.


By using these three steps together, you will not only find clarity during times of chaos but also gain confidence knowing that no matter how scared or overwhelmed you may feel, there is always an actionable plan for moving forward.

Facing unknowns can be challenging and intimidating but by following CPR’s 3-step approach—Context, Purpose and Result—you will have a roadmap for tackling anything life throws at you now or in the future. So when things get scary and overwhelming remember these three simple steps; they just might save your future...and give you PEACE!




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