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#57 The.Family.Coach | 7 BRAVE Strategies to Become a Better Parent

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

If lecture-style parenting isn't working out for you and your family, try this podcast! It will provide all the tools you need to become a more empathetic parent and make your relationship with your kids stronger in no time.

Meet Sean Donohue, "The Family Coach". With 500,000+ followers on TikTok, books, a new podcast, and a tv show on the way, he is REVOLUTIONIZING the way we parent. In this episode he also breaks down some of the issues I'm having as a single parent, it gets REAL.

In this podcast you will learn: 7 BRAVE Strategies to Become a Better Parent 1. [2:48] How to Build Your Children Up To have More Confidence 2 .[4:28] Your Words Matter: Why They are More Powerful Than You Think 3. [22:47] How Not To Screw Up Your Second Marriage by Putting Kids First 4. [29:50] Top 3 Things to Say to Your Kids to Improve Your Relationship 5. [37:03] The 6 Words to Use When In Conflict to Preserve Peace 6. [35:15] How to teach values and morals, and empathy 7. [39:49] Have the courage to share your feelings with your kids

Links Mentioned In This Episode:

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