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#37 What Happened & What is Next | How to Create a New Vision For Your Life

So why wasn't I on the radio today? Funny little story.

Every plot twist is an opportunity. I am thrilled to have a new opportunity to create my own podcast network called "Brave Warriors"

This will be a platform for women going through a plot twist in life to receive the tools they need to rebuild their life at an affordable price. We will have 5 tiers: Faith Fitness Food Finance Family You will have all the tools you need to live healthy, wealthy, and free for an affordable rate. And it starts NOW! SIGN UP FOR the first opportunity.

You need something more, but you just don't know how to get it? Feel stuck and need some loving support around you to help you find direction, set a goal and this year actually achieve it? This is it!

-find out what thoughts are standing in the way of your future.

-discover what habits and behaviors are standing in the way of becoming healthy, wealthy, and free

-learn and establish the behaviors that look like the great person that you want to become

You will receive:

-Free New Year Morning Wakeup Guide to start every day

-Free New Year Daily Planner to help you stay focused on your goals

-Free Daily prayers, devotions, and meditations to boost your mental health and start your day

-Free access the Brave Warrior online community to gain and give encouragement to like minded women that want to become bad asses for 2023 too!

Let's do this together!!!

p.s. This is a community of women lifting up other women. This is not a place for judgement, gossip, or competition. This is your secret weapon to success.

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