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#36 Believe in Your Future More Than Your Past | 4 Strategies to Silence Fear of Your Future

Do you have fear about the future? Don't we all? This is how to STOP! It's okay. It's not your fault. We are bombarded with doomsday predictions everywhere but NOT HERE! This podcast is packed full of HOPE for your future. So, you can finally BELIEVE in your future, more than you believe in your past.

Do not let your life be defined by your past. Choose to believe in a bright future.

4 Strategies to Silence Fear of Your Future

[4:30] 1. Be Faithful in the Midst of Uncertainty. Listen to the example of Joseph in the story of Jesus. Imagine that God is installing a new operating system in your life! You're version 2.0.

"I'm going to be faithful to my assignment even when it's messy, and watch God deliver a miracle."

[6:35] 2. Know that God is With You. Practice the gospel of with. Christmas is the reminder that God came to earth as Emmanuel to be WITH US. Inspiration from Steven Curtis Chapman's realization on the meaning of God WITH US after the loss of his daughter.

"The God of the universe made himself betrayable, fragile, even killable..."

[8:37] 3. BELIEVE in the Miracle of Christmas. The birth of Jesus is the beginning of God's rescue plan!

"Christmas reminds us that we need him...Grace is not something you earn, Grace is a person you receive."

[12:40] 4. Write a letter to your current self from your future self. Imagine yourself 10 years from now. Write a letter to you now. Tell yourself how thankful you are for the changes you made in your life now to get you where you will be 10 years from now!


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