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#31 Refusing to Become a Victim & Becoming the Mother You Always Needed Part 1 | Sara Beth

Get the strength you need to push through your plot twist.

Some women discover how to be a mother by a great example, others the opposite. You will be inspired to push through whatever plot twist you are facing today when you hear how Sara Beth, a professional bodybuilder, nutrition coach, and personal trainer overcame an unimaginable childhood, escaped human trafficking and became the "Willful Warrior" she is today.

Sara is my personal coach and mentor; her strength gives me strength and this podcast will make you stronger too!

"this isn't a story of struggle, a story of pain, or hardship, or depression, or anxiety, or abuse or neglect. You're going to hear all of that in this story, but really this is a story is of overcoming it all." -Sara Beth

Highlights in this Episode

[7:20] When we allow ourselves to become the victim to the circumstance it really defines us and it controls us.

[9:00] Pain and struggle is relative. This isn't a struggle competition.

Sara's dramatic escape from Human Trafficking

Experiencing Angels at the Birth of Her Daughter

The Miracle Birth of Sara's Son

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“Get Your Brave On” is inspirational to me! I can relate to Amanda and her guests on so many levels! Her spiritual journey is similar to mine in that she grew up going to church every Sunday but didn’t truly develop a relationship with God until she was down on her knees as a mom. Listening to her weekly podcasts ignites fire and determination in my soul to further my trust and relationship with God and to continue to share my story with others!

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