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3 Ways to Heal When Trauma is Triggered

Are you afraid? Stuck? If you are unable to move forward because of trauma that constantly triggers fear in your life. Try this change in mindset.

I completely understand. If you are being triggered by traumas in your life, it is NOT your fault. You just haven't had the right tools to help you move forward. I too was stuck, unable to function after becoming a single mom suddenly with 3 children. My single mom life has been a STRUGGLE! The divorce was just the beginning. Then I suffered more relationship loss because I didn't know what I was doing. I suffered job loss too as a single mom with a mortgage to pay!

You're a burn victim. Just like a burn victim heals, the skin over that wound is very fragile. The smallest scratch can open up the wound again, and you're back at ground zero. Your LIFE does NOT have to feel that way. Try these 3 Ways to Heal When Trauma is triggered.

1. Celebrate it. You might think this sounds INSANE, but what if you looked at the worst thing that every happened to you and made it the best.

I heard about this young man from Hawaii named Dustin. He lost his left leg and left arm when a drunk driver hit him head on while he was riding his motorcycle. He now celebrates that day every year, because as he says, "it's the day he decided to live." Yes, trauma HURTS, it changes you. If you have the right mentality it changes you for the better. Dusting, didn't die! So he decided to LIVE!

My ex-husband left our family suddenly on August 1, 2010. My children were 4, 2, and 8 weeks old. We now celebrate that day every year as my family anniversary.

2. Make a Goal. You have to find a way to move forward, and get unstuck from the trauma cycle. Choose ONE thing that make you feel like you are truly living again. A bucket list item, a professional goal, or something that feeds your soul to focus on.

Dustin just became the first double amputee to sail solo around the world. It took him 7 years off and on to complete! THAT'S HOW TO MOVE FORWARD and Get Your Brave On!

I circled the date August 1st on my 2011 calendar. That was the day, a year after being abandoned, that I would have a plan on how to provide for myself and three children. I prayed for a job. I made the calls. I did the work. And one day in July I got a call with a job offer and a date for relocation to Sacramento, CA. Guess what day they had picked? August 1st! Now, I set a goal for myself to achieve by August 1st every year.. One year I bought a house. This year I got a book deal. Next year that book will launch! Maybe a movie is next?!

3. Write Down Pathways. This goal that you pick is your new focus! Every morning before you check your phone or watch the news (potential trauma triggers) open up your journal and write down a list of ideas, pathways, that will help you chase down your goal. Look at the list, pick the one that stands out the most, and make that your ONE BRAVE THING to chase down that day.

When you focus on your pathways to achieve your dream, your trauma fades away. It's not renting space in your head anymore! You evicted it, and instead you are filling up your mind with FUEL to achieve your dreams.

If you would like help in living a BRAVE life and overcome trauma. Please download my FREE BRAVE LIFE PLANNER. It's a template for your morning routine to silence your trauma, and set your goals. It also is a daily planner to help you focus on chasing down that one brave thing a day. Bravery is not something in your DNA, it is a habit that you cultivate. Let's GO!

Love, ac

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