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#28 But What if I Fly? | 3 Lessons on Chasing Down Dreams with Bart Millard from Mercy Me

If you have a dream that you are on the fence about pursuing, THIS will inspire you to just GO FOR IT!

Did you know that Bart Millard quit college to pursue music?! I didn't either. Listen to the bravest thing he's ever done, and MORE!

Don't miss moments on this podcast:

Lesson One: Quit What Isn't Working

[2:58] Bravest thing Bart has ever done...the moment he QUIT college! He is still a sophomore!

Lesson Two: Kick the Door Open Until God Closes It

[9:40] Best advise to someone who wants to take drastic action to chase down a dream:

"Just kick the door open before God closes it. -Barry Graul (Mercy Me Guitarist)
"If you can do anything else do it...because we need people that cannot walk away from it." -Bart Millard

Lesson Three: Embrace the Beauty of the Unknown...the roller coaster

[22:29] Breaking through fear is what brings you life! Bart shares how it would it be to know every step of our fun!

"My favorite quote of all time is from Peter Pan is on my wall: "But what if I fall? Oh but what if you fly?"

The most thrilling part of this podcast was the end of it! THE Bart Millard from one of the greatest songs of all time, "I Can Only Imagine" told me I had good questions... the best! Yay! Maybe it was because we didn't just talk new music, we talked taking risks... and living a brave life!

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“Get Your Brave On” is inspirational to me! I can relate to Amanda and her guests on so many levels! Her spiritual journey is similar to mine in that she grew up going to church every Sunday but didn’t truly develop a relationship with God until she was down on her knees as a mom. Listening to her weekly podcasts ignites fire and determination in my soul to further my trust and relationship with God and to continue to share my story with others!

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