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#27 Four Reasons WHY....YOU are Perfectly Loved with Rachael Lampa

Woah! Things you NEVER knew about Rachael Lampa... a teenage sensation, who quit singing Christian music, became a nanny, and background singer , found herself in prison ministry 5 days a week with Toby Mac's wife, Amanda, and writes the lyrics to her new song, "Perfectly Loved"...I'm convinced it's on it's way to #1. It feels like she the lyrics are out of my personal journal!

1. WHY Rachael left Christian Music?

[4:33] Bravest thing Rachael has ever done: Rachael became a sensation in Christian Music at only 15 years old. She shares her story on why she left her label at 21 years old because she was completely burned out. So what did she do? She became a nanny, sang backup with the Jonas Brothers and began a journey to find herself...again. Total Reset!

[6:59] "I didn't know what it was like not to be on stage or on a mic. That is what was forming me on who I was and that was a problem." -Rachael Lampa

[7:30] What it was like singing background and on tour with Jonas Brothers. She says they put on a really good bible study backstage and she grew on her faith.

[13:02] Rachael chose to be a nanny!

[15:30] Struggling with the unatainable ideal of the expectations that the Christian industry has on it's performers and speakers. She struggled with being heard, and even her right to wear a tank top!

[19:22] "We get to show the world that there are different versions of strong and courageous and brave. It's not like this volcano all the time. Sometimes strong and courageous is a beautiful stream...and sometimes it's a volcano."

[20:32] "You don't have to be anything that you are not to be loved, and to be right in this moment." Because you are loved by should love yourself too."

2. WHY she is back and wrote the song, "Perfectly Loved"

[22:04] Talking about the meaning of her new song, "Perfectly Loved" The song is inspired by Rachael working in prison ministry 5 days a week with Toby Mac's wife, Amanda. This was during the time that Toby Mac and Amanda had tragically lost their son, Truett. He was living with Rachael's brother at the time.

"I couldn't help being overwhelmed for God's love for them."

[29:30] Talking about why she spent 5 days a week in prison ministry... "I could not stay away, I felt seen too. She says it was a total healing process." Amanda McKeehan had lost her son, Truett, during this time they were meeting with women in prison. It was healing for her too.

"When she finally came back...she said, where you are is a gift, because I would give anything for Truett to just be in jail...and not what happened. There is a huge story being written and there is nobody discounted from it. I got to have a front row seat to what that looked like in that moment." -Rachael Lampa

3. WHY you are perfectly loved

[32:00] Why are we perfectly loved? "What happened when Jesus promised us that "it's done." We have to enjoy the mystery of how that math works.

4. WHY fear and wonder are linked

[38:19] Fear and wonder are linked. Rachael shares why the same "wonder" about what if everything falls apart, or what if everything works out for me. Start to believe that it's going to work out because you are perfectly loved.

[45:11] Rachael on mentors: How Amy Grant has poured into Rachael as her mentor and even put her hair in rollers!!!!!

[47:00] BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Rachael is expecting her second baby boy, and her dreams for motherhood.

[52:00] Rachael's message for you when you're facing a plot twist. Don't hit the gas! "Don't give into what the world says is the next move, it can only be what you feel inside...."

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