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#26 Beating yourself up? 4 Ways to Feel Better Right now!

If you are beating yourself up for a mistake, this will help you feel so much better! Mistakes aren't bad! If you’ve had a mess up or a failure too… this is how to reframe that experience into the best thing that ever happened to you.

This is a very special episode! My plan was to record the entire thing while "Getting My Brave On" and biking around Lake Tahoe. BUT! I arrived in Tahoe without my suitcase and the only pair of shoes I had were the platform wedges I was wearing. I was beating myself up. We got such a late start because I had to go buy all new gear, that the traffic was so loud that recording the entire thing would have been unlistenable! But we got through!

THIS is what I learned and how I got through! I was beating myself up for this bike trip… but these 4 things are making me feel so much better!

In this episode:


1. What’s missing and what is there

2. Push Yourself… set a goal… that you have no clue to reach.

3. Understand Failure is Not Bad

4. Shut the Mouths of the Lion with special prayer

BONUS LESSON What to look for in a relationship!

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I would LOVE to know what you think of the Get Your Brave On podcast!

"Just what we need! I appreciate and love Amanda’s encouragement and the way she shares her story! Amanda has helped me move through some difficult times with my family and realize that I am not alone and that I am moving on through this rough time with grace. I now have a sense of belonging to the Get Your Brave On tribe! I believe that we can encourage others with this Podcast and grow the Brave Babe Tribe! Let’s go! I am a huge fan! -"Prayerful Babe

IF YOU ARE struggling right now… congratulations.. .your current struggle could be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. If you play it right. That’s my specialty. I have developed a daily system for how to reframe struggle and turn it into growth. It’s called my Brave Life Planner. My personal morning routine guaranteed to BOOT up your bravery, and get your brave on all day, plus my FREE daily planner sheet to help you manage your life all in one place. Download it for FREE at

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