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#24 Help! I'm in Chaos! 12 Opportunities in Moments of Chaos with Corinne Hancock

LIFE IN CHAOS? Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I feel like I met my new bestie! Do I say that after every podcast?? But seriously! YOU WILL LOVE CORINNE! She is bright and full of joy, but most of all depth of character.

"Go one step beyond where you would normally stop." -Corinne Hancock, "Chaos Coach"

Corrine trains CEO’s how to handle chaos and she’s about to train YOU. She has a background in International aid and global development. During the pandemic while she wasn't able to travel she became a victim advocate for her community. She is going to teach you how to embrace the chaotic moments of life and use them to propel you forward.

This got super personal and we loved it. My favorite tip is #7 "Choosing the

Right Reaction to Chaos. And my favorite of the moment was when I asked Corrine, "What's the bravest thing you've done in your life?" WOAH!!! You MUST listen to her answer. [42:30] You will be INSPIRED!

"If you look back on your life everything you’re proud of is right on the other side of fear. "

12 Opportunities You Can Find in Moments of Chaos

1. [7:30] Say yes to the things that most people say no to! I love this tip from Corinne. She says the most incredible opportunities come right on the other side of fear.

2. [8:30] Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Try to do something that scares you every day. Being brave is having the courage to go one step beyond where you normally stop. Corrine says you should understand your relationship with chaos, confusion and disorder.

3 [12:10] Try new things!

Corinne shares the best story about taking a belly dancing class the night before this podcast was recorded.

4. [13:40] Have an obsession with curiosity. Find a way to make yourself uncomfortable because you look back and in a year you can’t even recognize yourself Corinne teaches that life is just moments. We learn from them. We grow from them. And they’re over.

5. [14:50] Quit borrowing trouble from the future. You’re worried about things that haven’t even happened yet.

6. [18:30] Find out what’s NOT your why .

This is fantastic advice. When you are feeling lost without direction after chaos hits, don't be so obsessed with finding your purpose. Sometimes it's a series of finding what is NOT your why. Then, see what lights you on fire!

7. [19:30] Choose Your reaction Wisely.

Corrine says there are 3 reactions EVERYONE has to chaos.

1. Avoid it. 2. Blame someone else. 3 Complaining If you stay in that you will create chaos. She says we must MOVE into the response. Feel it for a minute. Then choose a different response. Assessing the situation, create a new plan, executing on it. That’s the place you want to get into. That’s how you thrive in chaos and learn to except everything on your life.

8. [23:20] Embrace the Suck.

Celebrate the small wins. It’s a fine balance of pressure and reality. Corrine says some days just suck. They do.

9. [30:02] It’s never about the accomplishment it’s about the journey and the experience. Corrine shares her lessons leading teams into poverty stricken countries. The experience of getting there is the experience. We have to remember that for ourselves too. "It’s never about the there. It’s about what I’ve done in my life to get there that’s the most fulfilling and the most rewarding. "

10. [34:20] Strive every single day. There is no shortcut in anything. Not one thing in life.

11. [34:30] You have to be okay at sucking at something new.

What are you willing to suck at? Failure . You just can’t dwell on anything, and always burn your accolades because they will weigh you down.

12. [39:02] Move from one moment to the next.

It’s not about how you’re going to survive long term. It's about how to get through moment by moment.

BONUS Favorite Moment [41:00] What’s the bravest think you’ve had to do? Corrine shares how she left an abusive relationship, thought she gave up on love, but got the life she dreamed of! When you start living for you all the things show up that you ever dreamed of

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