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#22 Overcome Imposter Syndrome: 7 Things to Do When you feel (Un)Qualified with Steven Furtick

When you feel like you're not good enough. When you feel like the broken pieces of your life are too shattered to be put back together again. Remember these 7 TRUTHS about WHO you are and HOW God wants to use you.

It's highly possible I needed this episode more than you. There are two good reasons why I'm re-running this episode from March 2016. First, I'm taking this week off to go on a personal retreat to finish my book. My manuscript is due to my publisher in 30 days! 😳

Second, I feel unqualified. I am struggling with Imposter Syndrome. Defined it means: The persistent inability to believe that one's success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one's own efforts or skills.

As soon as I signed that book deal I felt this rush of anxiety that OMG, I have to actually finish this thing. Do they know who I really am? Do they know how broken I feel sometimes? So, when my team at said I should run a replay, I immediately knew which one to play. My interview with Author and Speaker, Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation church. It's from March 2016, but I feel incredibly relevant to how you and I feel today. So here you go:

8 Things to Do When you feel (Un)Qualified with Steven Furtick

[6:50] 1. Take Criticism as a Compliment.

When you hear someone criticize you, instead of allowing it to break you, allow God to use it to propel you forward. Even the Pastor at America's fastest growing church admits,

"I've never felt like I had what it takes to do what God has called me to do." -Steven Furtick

He shares a moment while watching a sermon on YouTube, he heard another pastor say "Steven Furtick is unqualified". That sensation doesn't go away, Furtick says. He explains, it's how you respond to it will determine whether or not that God has promised you will come to pass in your life.

[9:59]2. Embrace Your Weakness.

Furtick says, "that feeling of being unqualified is actually what is going to push you to discover the strength that's in your weakness." Push past it. Press in, and see how God can close the gap in your life to find strength.

[11:05]3. Move Beyond Your feelings of Inadequacies

Realize that God chose you not in spite of your problems, but how He can use you because of your problems. Realize that God loves the CURRENT version of you. It's because of your deficiencies you will fulfill your destiny. "I'm tired of people feeling like there's a class of people that have access to some kind of strength that you don't have.." -Steven Furtick.

[16:35]4. Stop Comparing Yourself

Realize that you have an incomplete image of what other peoples lives are actually like. I love when he said, "stop Comparing their reel to your ideal". This was before Instagram reels were even a thing!!! Stop comparing yourself to that other woman or family that seems to have the picture perfect life. It's all fake. Stop comparing yourself to a picture of a life that's not even real. Everyone's face and life has a filter on it now. God can't bless who you pretend to be.

"God can't bless the person we pretend to be."

[19:39] 5. See the Bigger Picture

Realize that God sees the bigger picture of our broken pieces. Instead of dwelling on what's missing allow God to making something beautiful out of what you have. "Instead of waiting on the piece that we think we're missing in life, begin building the life God's called us to construct now." -Steven Furtick

[20:26 ] 6. Embracing your limitation is the first step to overcoming it.

Pastor Furtick explains, every great leader in scripture had great limitations.

Overcoming limitation starts with what's in your hand. Take what you have and allow God to create a beautiful life with it. Stop overlooking the very thing that's making us powerful. God's ability to do the impossible within you. "Everything you need for your what's next in your life is going to come out of your faithfulness with what you have now." -Steven Furtick

[25:30] 7. Make Your Third World List.

How are you finishing this sentence, "I Am....

Pastor Furtick explains, "allow God's identity to shape your reality."

"Instead of saying I am unqualified change it to I am called. "

Realize that those negative thoughts you say about yourself, you are saying about God. If he is in YOU. Then why would you say "I Am Stupid." When you are putting yourself down, we're actually limiting who we believe God can be in our lives. Make your third word list...






God is not in love with the future version of you. He's in love with you now.

Love, ac

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