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#21 You Can do Hard Things (while laughing) with Comedian Kerri Pomarolli

Yaaaasssss Girl! Get ready to experience that beautiful synergy of laughing and crying at the same time with my dear friend and comedian, Kerri Pomarolli!

Kerri is CRUSHING clean comedy. She a comic that happens to also be a Christian. She's also an author, motivational speaker, screenwriter for the Hallmark channel, AND single mother to two girls. You will LOVE her.

The Three Hard Things You CAN DO Highlights in this podcast:

[7:28] 1. Fix it Jesus.

When you have no other choice, but to be brave, Kerri shared her very eloquent and super simple prayer FIX IT JESUS!

[11:36] 2. Stop saying "I'm Sorry"

Kerri shares about finding a publicist off Craigs List and how she learned to BELIEVE in herself and challenges you to stop apologizing to talk to your boss and ask for a promotion. You deserve it.

"If you say it, and you believe it, other people will too!"

[25:35] 3. Embrace the Mess.

You do not have to fit in with the traditional Christian woman culture. In fact, if you don't you're more like the norm!

[40:42] Kerri's special message for you. I've been asking this question at the end of every podcast and it's typically my favorite moment. Don't miss Kerri's message to you: She has such a hilarious way of challenging us to stop scrolling and pick up our bible!

"God gives you strategy...because you made an appointment with him. You are not going to get that while watching The Crown (even though I love that show).

Links mentioned in this episode:

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