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#20 B0NUS Brave Devotional: How to Handle Hard Things Well | Like a Palm Tree & a Cedar of Lebanon

You are designed to FLOURISH! But have you lost your hope? Feel weak? Scared of the future? In this BONUS Brave Devotional learn how God wants you to flourish like a palm tree, grow like a cedar in Lebanon, and plant yourself in the house of the Lord.

"...the Godly shall flourish like palm trees, and grow tall as the cedars of Lebanon. For they are transplanted into the the Lord’s own garden, and are under his personal care. Even in old age they will still produce fruit and be vital and green. This honors the Lord, and exhibits his faithful care. He is my shelter. There is nothing but goodness in him." Psalm 92:10-13 NLT

[2:08] 1. When you’re loosing your hope remember the palm tree.

The Goldly shall flourish like palm trees Psalm 92:12

Ever seen one in the storm… high winds of a hurricane… chaos around it… it still stands… oh it might bend… it might loose a few branches but once that wind is gone and the storm subsides… the palm tree stands right back up! Man made structures will crumble, but not the God made Palm tree.

[8:10] 2. When you are feeling weak, remember the Cedars of Lebanon

The cedar of Lebanon is a tree that can grow up to 120 feet tall (imagine a 10- to 12-story building). Its branches are wide-spreading, and go straight out horizontally 30 to 50 feet from the trunk. It was known in biblical areas as “the king of trees.” So it’s really tall… and really wide…it’s known as a symbol of power and longevity.

[14:46] 3. When you feel scared of the future remember WHOSE YOU ARE

“For they are transplanted into the Lord’s own garden and are under his own personal care.” Psalm 92:13

God is willing to take you from that pit that you are in… where does he put you… not in the garden of judgement… he plants you in HIS BACKYARD… in his OWN GARDEN… and what does he do with you when he gets you there? Does he leave you to grow strong and malleable at the same time on your own… NO WAY… His word says YOU ARE UNDER HIS OWN PERSONAL CARE.


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