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#18: Awakening Greatness! Three Mental Health Skills to Bounce Back from any Plot Twist in Life

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Are you struggling to get over something that happened in your past?

It's okay to feel stuck sometimes. I get it. I've been "lost" lately too. Our world has changed so much the past two years, I don't know about you, but my head is spinning and I've struggled to keep up. Coach Dar to the rescue! She’s like a real life Dr. Sharon Fieldstone from Ted Lasso!

If you are yearning for more out of your life top, but just can't seem to shake off the past. This podcast is for you! Learn the art of bouncing back from a Mental Conditioning Coach for professional athletes, Darleen Santore, "Coach Dar".

This could be the game changer in your life! If you are ready to develop the mental health skills you need to bounce back from any plot twist in life try these three mental health skills from the podcast.

Here is a glance of what you will learn in this episode:

Mental Health Skill 1: Walkup Wakeup Song

[26:32] Darleen shares her morning routine secret to start your day like a professional athlete comes out of the tunnel on game day. Be the pro of your life by developing a morning routine. She tells Alexa to wake her up with a song to PUMP HER UP! Just like a baseball player picks their walkup song when they go up to bat, you should pick up your wakeup song to start your day like a PRO. Next you Meditate. Pray. Move.

Mental Health Skill 2: What is True and What is False

[31:26] Your biggest critic is yourself! Instead of dwelling on past mistakes "reframe the game" like an athlete. When you are stuck in your, and head beating yourself up, Coach Dar, suggests you how to make a list of what thoughts are true and what are false. Write it on a piece of paper. More often than not it’s false. Focus on what is true, and move forward!

Mental Health Skill 3: Scroll Less, Live More

[34:02} Scroll Less Live More! Coach Dar says just like you work on building a resume to build your career, you should build a resume for your life! Darlene says stop watching someone else living their life on Instagram, while you’re not living yours. Learn how she started taking Fridays off to build a life. You can too!

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